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Hand Made Turkish Mosaic Hanging Pendant Light Size 5 in White Rug Design

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Hand Made Large Mosaic Single Globe Hanging Pendent Light with a large size 5 or 25cm mosaic globe. 

This authentic mosaic single globe hanging pendant light is hand made in Istanbul using a mix of glass, beads and mirror are a truly stunning addition to any home. The metal work is superior non-oxidised yellow brass attractively designed to compliment the beautiful mosaic pattern in a traditional Turkish style.

The light is currently available in a variety of different colours. The mosaic pattern creates a stained glass reflection to enhance any room in the house giving a mediterranean feel to the ambience and are absolutely stunning at night.

Please note that as the products are individually hand made there may be small variations in colour or design between items and this reflects the individuality of the piece.  All of our items have been subject to thorough quality control checks before leaving the factory and are again checked here in the UK for signs of damage before being despatched.

This product requires hard wiring to the ceiling by connecting the three wires and closing the plastic safety cover. Each and every one of our products is manufactured in accordance with UK electrical system requirements BS60598-2 and the relevant safety test certificates obtained, copies of which can be found in the About Us section.

Diameter 25cm

Overall Height 55cm

Bulb E27, one included complimentary